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Registration and enforcement of will

Registration and enforcement of will is the legal process of formally registering a person's last will and testament, and ensuring that their wishes are carried out after their death. This involves submitting a copy of the will to the relevant authority, such as a probate court or government agency, and enforcing the wishes and instructions of the deceased as outlined in their will. It is the responsibility of the executor or administrator to ensure that the will is enforced in accordance with the law and the deceased's wishes. These processes are essential to ensure that a person's wishes are respected and their estate is handled appropriately after their death.

Registration and enforcement of will Services

A will is a legal document that sets out the testator's wishes for the distribution of their assets after death. It is crucial for non-Muslim expatriates based in the United Arab Emirates to have a properly drafted and registered will in place. Registering the will in the UAE ensures the implementation of the testator's intention after their demise and avoids the application of domestic and/or Sharia Law.
Our experienced legal team will guide clients through the entire process of drafting and registering the will with the Dubai Court, Abu Dhabi Court, and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), ensuring that all the client's wishes are accurately reflected in the document. Along with drafting and registration, we also assist clients in the enforcement of the will.
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